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Tips to Finding the Perfect Barcelona Airport Shuttle Driver

When flying to a big, bustling city like Barcelona, airport shuttles are an incredibly easy way of making the final leg of your journey that much more convenient. From avoiding long waits at arrivals for public transport to getting some much-needed help with your luggage, most Barcelona airport shuttle drivers pride themselves in being a wonderful port of call for those travellers looking to reach their final destination as comfortably and quickly as possible.So, what makes a good Barcelona airport shuttle driver?Punctuality: They Should Be Waiting for YouWhen you have been travelling for a good chunk of your day, if not longer, seeing your assigned driver holding up a sign with your name as soon as you walk through the arrivals’ doors is priceless. You don’t have to keep worrying about where he or she will be waiting or how much further you’ll need to drag your heavy luggage around; you can finally delegate to someone else who knows their way around and start getting into holiday mode.This is why, as you look for the right Barcelona airport shuttle provider, you ensure that promptness and punctuality are two of their strongest suits.Courtesy: Did They Go Out of Their Way?Although sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much help a customer is expecting, a great shuttle driver should always ask and respect your wishes either way. Offering to help you carry your luggage to the car and into the boot, asking if you would like to make a quick stop for the bathroom, and double-checking you don’t need to make a quick pit stop for essentials such as a bottle of water (if they have one waiting for you in the car, even better!) are all signs that your driver is doing their best to ensure you have a relaxed journey.Moreover, if you are travelling with young family members, ensuring that the children’s needs are all covered before a potentially lengthy car ride further showcases your driver’s best intentions.Cleanliness and Comfort: Enjoy the Space You’re Travelling InThe vast majority of shuttle drivers have an acceptably clean vehicle, as a smelly or visibly dirty car is one of the quickest ways to ensure a customer complaint. Nevertheless, great drivers will not only meet the minimum requirements, but go out of their way to make it a welcoming space, no matter how short a distance you are covering. From a frequently replaced discreet air freshener to complimentary water and from the driver asking what temperature you’d like the AC to be and whether you have a preferred radio station, these are all small but important signs that you truly are a welcomed guest.Avoiding Traffic Hotspots: The Holy Grail of Shuttle DrivingBarcelona tops the charts for many impressive accomplishments, such as breath-taking architecture and mouth-watering cuisine. However, the city also ranks high for bad traffic, especially during rush hour. One of the best skills a shuttle driver can have is knowing the city and its traffic’s temperament so well that they can avoid all the interminable queues and find alternative routes that won’t take you too far out of your way but will still save you precious minutes sitting in a standstill.Finishing Touches: Insider Tips According to Your InterestsWhether you’re a foodie or an art aficionado, insider knowledge is always welcome when you’re in a new city. If your driver can point you toward the latest restaurant opening, the café favoured by the locals, or the art gallery with the most buzz around it amongst those in the scene, you will definitely have a leg up on everyone else following generic tourist guides. Make sure to ask your driver these questions before being dropped off!Now that you know what makes an almost-perfect Barcelona airport shuttle driver, make sure to do your research thoroughly to find the one who will most closely meet your needs.

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