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Storage Shelves, Baskets--Put the Kids to Work

While many people know the value of storage shelves, basketsmake it possible for even the smallest members of the family to help keep thehouse picked up. Each room of the home has myriads of items nobody seems toknow what to do with. Shelves for baskets allow you to organize similar thingsand tuck them away out of sight. Quality wood shelving with baskets used in themain rooms of the house will not only make everything accessible in the areasyou use them, they will enhance your interior design. Since the baskets areeasy to remove from the shelves and are open at the top, even small childrencan put toys, books and games away in their proper places. ToddlersTake advantage of a toddler’s natural tendency to stack items and place onething inside another.  Store baskets youwant your toddler or preschooler to use on the bottom shelf, and make a gameout of filling each basket. Your preschooler won’t be perfect at putting thingsaway, and you may find your car keys or wallet in the basket from time to time,but simply using baskets will reduce a lot of clutter. Take a cue from the organized kindergarten classroom andtemporarily affix a photo of each item that belongs in the basket on the basketfront. Even young toddlers can match up the items with the photos; and not onlywill this increase their developmental learning skills, picking up after themselveswill become a habit in no time. Elementary School KidsChildren in elementary school are definitely old enough to understand theconcept of sorting items and putting them away; they also have the motor skillsrequired to do a task quickly and accurately. Make a game of cleaning up andsee how fast they can make items disappear into their proper baskets. For this age group, toys and clothes can be arranged in anyconfiguration on storage shelves. Baskets can be organized by the type or brandof toy. Place Barbie and friends in one basket and K’Nex in another. To play,the child simply has to grab the right container. Stick a removable paperPost-it on the shelf in front of each basket as you set up the shelves soeveryone knows where to put things. Older children will learn where everythinggoes in about a week; then you can remove the paper reminders. Use shelving with baskets for seasonal gear in a mudroom orfoyer to prevent a chaotic first impression of your home. You can either assigneach child a bin of his own or use one basket for hats, one for gloves and onefor scarves, depending on the age of your children and personal preferences.Basket benches allow easy seating for removal of boots and shoes. If the benchhas a shelf, the family can stash more stuff, and, of course kids can alwaysuse the bench top for backpacks and projects. Teens Save the top of a bookcase shelf and higher baskets for big kids and teens. Thebaskets for this age group don’t need to be huge, as most of the items thatwill be stored inside are small. DS games, earbuds, iPods and more can be keptaway from younger siblings by using the top levels of the shelves. Baskets canbe made from any material and just need to be big enough to corral video gamecartridges and similar items. Do you need to organize your home? Consider quality woodstorage shelves. Baskets give everybody easy access to their belongings andhide all the clutter. Arrange smaller children’s playthings near the floor attheir level and bigger kids’ things in baskets on higher shelves. Simply makingthe switch to an organizational system of storage shelves with baskets will goa long way towards getting kids to put away their toys. Shelves for basketsmake it fun to keep the house picked up for Mom. 

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