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Kathmanddwefw54tebhlu, Nepal

Surrounded by the beautiful hills of Mountains, it has the gorgeousness of the natural beauty. It may be the best destination for the honeymoon, picnic, and other pleasure purposes.The first ranked city fIt is situated at the distance of 6 km from the main city of Kathmandu where you can easily arrive by a car rental service in Nepal. The taxi services make the temple beautiful and so more easy that anybody can visit easily.Patan Museum: -To know the cultural and art & design of Nepali culture in the ancient time, the museum of Patan is the best place. It has traditional crafts, Art & designs, gilt and copper bronzes works that show the old tradition of the Nepali people. It shows the historical and architectural beauty of the ancient age and become the reason of attraction. From Kathmandu city, it is 6 km away where you can arrive by cab riding.Boudhanath Stupa: -For the religious purposes, Boudhanath Stupa may be the interesting place to visit. It is dedicated to the Lord Buddha and 108 icons of Buddha are attached here which increasing the beauty of the S'b]trnk MLYTNM trenly pleasure. This Stupa is one of the sacred Buddhists pilgrims of the world and the pilgrims from korea, China, Japan, Tibet and Sri Lanka arrive in huge number per year.Not only the Buddhists but all the religions arrive each year and enjoy at this place. It is listed in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO that shows its importance also. It is 6 km from Kathmandu from where you can take the help of a cab booking service.The Temple of Seto Machhendranath: -This temple is famous for historical and religious purposes and whether it is Hindu or Buddhists or other religion, arrive here for piece and calm. With interesting story in which the Yamraj (God of death) came to Kantipur during Emperor Yaksha Malla and want to know therehbrtlnmjhre power of the God of the local people but the king with the help of his tantric Guru captured the Yamraj and said for immortality but Yamraj forbade him and at last suggest him for build a temple for his long age. That time the king built the temple. It is 5 km away from the Kathmandu city that make the easy way for the tourists. 

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