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Things to buy in Bhutan

Bhutan Shopping Guide Bhutan constrains the quantity of sightseers in the nation and along these lines, it has a little workmanship industry as well. You can purchase crafted works, for example, rugs, bright covers, adornments, silver, bronzes, hand-woven bamboo things and Bhutanese wooden items at Thimphu as keepsakes and presents for your family and companions however. Hand made wooden dishes or dappa are ethnic and commonsense keepsakes. The two parts of these dishes fit together so firmly that they can be utilized to convey cooked nourishment and you can utilize them as serving of mixed greens or treat bowls at home. Dappa can be bought anyplace in Bhutan yet is viewed as a claim to fame of the Trashi Yangtse area. So also, bamboo reeds are woven into little crate and are utilized simply like dappas. They are the claim to fame of the south of Bhutan and come in delightful outlines.One of a kind Himalayan dabs that are elliptical fit as a fiddle and accessible in cocoa and cream hues are known as Dzi dabs. Gems made of Dzi dots can be ver costly and is viewed as valuable; following the time when well off Taiwanese individuals took a jumping at the chance to them. There are less expensive fake forms of these dots and their adornments are accessible in the business sector as well. Bhutan is acclaimed for its stamps and has an overall notoriety as the 'philatelist's heaven'. Bhutanese stamps have point by point pictures and brilliant and energetic hues. As of late, gatherers have been pulled in to the arrangement of Bhutanese stamps that compensation tribute to Walt Disney characters. Different well known stamps that have been evaluated high by the philatelists incorporate the memorial stamp for the 1994 World Cup and the stamp that checked German Unification.You can visit the Central Post Office at Thimphu and take a gander at the accumulations and 'First-Day Issues' discounted there. Regardless of the fact that you are not into stamp gathering, the delightful stamp accumulations in Stamp Collector's books can make extraordinary presents for somebody back home. You can likewise purchase rich fabric; silk, carefully assembled paper items, Buddhist works of art and thangkas or religious artworks at Thimphu. You can discover less expensive floor coverings at Tongsa, which is the best place to purchase yatras as well. Yatras or Yethras are bright segments of woolen material, colored with characteristic hues, that is utilized to make distinctive fabric things running from covers to coats, packs and mats. It is thought to be the strength of the Jakar zone. Bhutanese woven material is renowned everywhere throughout the world and can be utilized to make array, inside decorations, place settings and carpets.Bhumthang nectar jams and comfitures are adored by experts and make unique presents. You might need to purchase conventional garments as gifts, for example, Gho and Kira. Bhutan has a flourishing alcohol industry and Bhutan Mist is something, liquor sweethearts might want to taste. You may discover print film at Thimphu however slide film is hard to discover in Bhutan. You can snatch some great arrangements at the pleasant and beautiful weekend markets held near stream on Saturday and Sunday. Other than customary Bhutanese handiworks, you may likewise discover Indian gems here. Try not to buy collectibles in Bhutan, as you are not permitted to take them outside the nation. Hand-Woven FabricTraditional weaving is at its very best in Bhutan. Choose from colourful rugs, clothing, blankets and accessories when visiting one of the many textile stores and boutiques in Bhutan’s cities. Traditional MusicWhy not pick up CD of Bhutanese harmonies, or chanting monks, as a melodic stress-buster for when you’re back at home and in work mode. Spiritual SouvenirsVibrant prayer flags, fragrant incense and prayer beads make meaningful gifts for friends and family back home.Festivals and Events in BhutanParo Spring Festival (Paro Tshechu)The people of Paro welcome the start of spring with five days of cultural and spiritual celebration. Locals shake off the winter blues by indulging in sword dancing, drumming and feasting. Expect to see stirring rituals, colourful clothing and touching displays of faith if you’re lucky enough to travel during this time.Thimphu Festival (Thimphu Tschechu)This three-day festival is meant to be highly auspicious to all who attend. Bhutanese people travel from all over to attend this spiritual celebration that features prayers and rituals to invoke the gods as well as traditional dance, costume and theatre. This highly joyous time gives travellers an important insight into Bhutan’s culture and the chance to mingle with locals.ShoppingPrayer flagsIf you’re after top quality handicrafts and colourful art, then Bhutan will delight. While Bhutan isn’t known as a top shopping destination, there are many talented artisans creating good quality souvenirs to buy here.It's a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country. Australia and New Zealand generally have strict quarantine laws.

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