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Experience Dubai Desert Safari without Dune Bashing at the fullest

The desert in Dubai is the most serene landscape that one can enjoy. It is undoubtedly a must visit place along with family and friends. The place is magical in its own form and one can enjoy the best adventure activities offered by tour operators. When people think about Dubai desert safari, their mind form pictures of dune bashing, where they are packed in a car that lurches through the desert. Though this adventure activity can be fun, but at times, can bring a negative result for families. So it is highly advised for families to avoid dune bashing activity. However, you don’t need to get disheartened because the magical desert is blessed with rich subculture, exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery.The ecosystem of desert is quite sensitive and when dune bashing, the act damages the vegetation and wildlife. If you are thinking about something more interesting in the desert, then there are many options to consider. We will take you to different options of desert safari action that can be enjoyed without dune bashing.Dinner Safari: Imagine yourself being served with fresh, spicy non-vegetarian dishes and enjoying the taste while cool air breezing around. Dinner safari is also one of the ways to explore a new culture and tasting authentic meal served. You can experience this sitting comfortably on a pillow and get the feel of a royal hospitality. This is the highlight of the desert safari in Dubai. If you are not interested in dune bashing, then opting for a dinner safari is the best option. However, you need to make sure that you book it in advance as many visitors rush into enjoy it.Falcon Safari: For the past hundred years, the Falcons have become an integral part of the desert safari. Falcon is a national bird of UAE and tourists are assisted by a trainer on the hunting procedure and traditional way of approaching. Getting close to some magnificent birds and learning the hunting skills is a part of the Falcon safari. You'll spend unforgettable time with this species and enjoy the adventurous act. There are timings and cost for the safari which you can get from the tour operator.Wildlife Safari: Desert is the home to wild animals and getting close to them is an adventurous act. Guided by experts, this Dubai safari is an experience to enjoy the barren landscape and get the view of desert monitors, gazelle, Arabian Oryx and many others. Throughout the safari, you'll be given information about these animals and how they manage to reside in this hot land. There are a number of tour agencies that undertake wildlife drives under different packages. Check every package and opt for one that covers a major portion of the desert.Camel Safari: Known as the Ship of Desert, enjoying a camel ride in the desert is a must. The camel is the perfect transport facilities that one can enjoy and watch the scenic landscape of the desert on its back. During the safari ride, you'll enjoy the tranquillity of the hottest land, especially during the sunset. The safari also includes entertainment activities at the traditional Bedouin desert camp. Once you're done with the evening ride, Arabic hospitality awaits you to welcome drink of Ghawa with Dates. The camel ride lasts for about 45 minutes, which also includes sunset photography session. The bonfire set at the camp is the perfect place to enjoy the desert magic.Night Safari & Stargazing: How special it would be to watch the clear sky and gaze at the stars with your partner? Under the night safari, an unforgettable night is awaiting for you. Cool temperature, creeping sounds of nocturnal creatures and enjoying the night feast, are some of the magical services offered. You'll be also be given high-powered night vision binoculars to discover long hidden secrets of the desert. An entire camp will be set-up for you. This part of life is not possible in the city. So take a tour of different night safari & night gazing packages and enjoy the magical night that awaits you.Sand Skiing & Boarding: You must have heard about skydiving, but in desert safari, you will experience something different where you will float on the sand standing on a board. This adventure activities is not limited to the winter season, but also can be enjoyed during the summer in Dubai. There are few sand dunes which are approx. 200 – 300 meters high. But the biggest one is the Big Red and is famous among locals. If you're experienced, then you can enjoy the best time, but if you're skiing for the first time then you'll be assisted. You'll be provided with all the safety gears to avoid any injuries. It is suitable for all ages. The tour guide will provide a quick tutorial about the activity. Sand Skiing & boarding is the popular Dubai safari option after camel safari. To enjoy the best moment of desert safari in Dubai, check out various packages offered by the tour operators like Imonholidays. The package includes all the adventure activities to choose according to your likings. If dune bashing is not in your Dubai adventure list, then go for any of the above mentioned safari options that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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