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Opatija: The Jewel of the Riviera

Like many travellers, I too embark on my adventures with the hope of coming home relaxed and refreshed. Obviously choosing the right destination can stop your holiday from becoming fraught, hurried and stressful. One excellent destination that promises to send you home rejuvenated and inspired is Opatija in Croatia. Resorts in Opatija offer a magical combination of a mild climate, stunning coastal and mountain views, elegant architecture and eclectic local cuisine.A Destination Made for RoyaltyOpatija has a long and illustrious history as one of the Riviera’s most elegant and beautiful holiday destinations. The city Opatija is nestled against a rocky coastline full of Croatia resorts that appear to blend into the landscape seemingly themselves a natural phenomenon. Historically the Opatija Riviera quickly became considered by the social elite as one of the most exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean. In 1889 Opatija received official recognition by royal decree as a world-class health resort. Royalty, aristocrats and celebrities of the day took advantage of Opatija’s health benefits to become rejuvenated both physically and mentally. Following in their footsteps, even hundreds of years later, can still produce the same effects for visitors.Heal the BodyLuxury and beauty were, and still are, believed to heal both the heart and the mind and Opatija has become an epicentre for both qualities. Today visitors do not have to look too far to find the most modern day spas offering a buffet of services all intent on de-stressing, relaxing and healing weary bodies and frazzled minds. Many of the most prominent hotels in the area have designated Spa and Wellness centres. The combination of saunas, healing mineral baths and superb massages, all located within walls that exhibit of some of the best neo-classical architecture in the area, truly does feel like the height of luxury.Feed the SensesOpatija also offers many attractions to stimulate the mind. Many festivals are held throughout the year celebrating Jazz, Opera and Cabaret as well as sporting events such as elegant Regattas and exciting boxing matches. A visit to a performance at the stunning Open Air Theatre located right on the rocky coastline is a must. Regarded as one of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular venues the theatre offers performances ranging from Opera, ballet, musicals and rock concerts.Feed the BodyOpatija’s geographical location has created a juncture where many different cultural traditions meet. This is beautifully exemplified by the local cuisine which is an eclectic blend of Mediterranean and continental influences. Opatija is home to some of the best restaurants in Croatia. Resorts along the coast specialize in fresh organic local foods such as wild asparagus, langoustines, chestnuts and Istrian truffles.A Rejuvenating HolidayOpatija truly does offer the full package in terms of brains, beauty and brawn. The city’s illustrious past coupled with the area’s stunning natural beauty and rugged coastline ensure that all the senses are engaged during your visit. There is a serious dedication to hospitality and the people of Opatija truly embrace visitors ensuring that guests to the resort leave refreshed, relaxed and inspired. The people of Opatija are proud of their City’s heritage and enthusiastically enjoy sharing the area’s natural wealth with travellers seeking rejuvenation.

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