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Experiencing the Best in Summer Watersports in Val d’Isere

A summer holiday in Val d’Isere can be as relaxing or as active as you and your family desire. For those who love the water or want to stay busy with activities, the French Alps provides a number of opportunities to satisfy even the most energetic of vacationers.From lakes and rivers to simple swimming pools, a number of locations feature excellent watersports that are sure to keep you cool, active and having a lot of fun throughout your holiday.White Water RaftingFrom the middle of May until September, rivers swell with rushing water as they take in the run-off from melting glaciers above town. Experienced guides are available to take groups safely down river for an adrenaline-charged experience. Choose from three-hour rides or full day excursions.Canoe RaftingRiding down a fast-moving river in an inflatable (but stable) canoe raft is a popular activity in Val d’Isere. Companies that specialize in watersports provide neoprene suits, life jackets, shoes and helmets. Their well-trained guides take participants out onto the river in groups of 4 or 5 boats at a time. Groups are led over rapids of varying levels of difficult determined by the water levels and the experience levels of the participants.Air BoatingAnother name for river kayaking, air boating involves a short, inflatable kayak in which the participant sits, while moving downstream using paddles to guide and steer. Safety jackets and helmets are required and a certain level of skill is needed.Hydro-SpeedingNot for the faint of heart, this extreme water sport will have you hanging on tightly to a large float that somewhat resembles a body board. You’ll travel over rapids and through rushing water as you surf your way down the river at top speed.Full safety protection is provided, including wetsuits, helmets and flippers. You will also be given a safety demonstration before you start. A vehicle will conveniently meet you at the bottom of the river to shuttle you back to your starting place.As you can imagine, this sport is much more physically demanding than white-water or canoe rafting, so keep this in mind when considering who in your family can participate. But for those seeking an extreme watersports thrill, hydro-speeding will not disappoint.FishingIf you’re up for more of a relaxing day, several local lakes in the Val d’Isere area, including a number of altitude lakes and small rivers, offer some good fishing opportunities. After securing a fishing permit and reading up on the local requirements, try fishing for trout at l’Ouillette or the La Sassière Lakes.SwimmingIt may not fall into the extreme watersports category, but dipping into a pool on a hot summers’ day is a refreshing activity everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. Most hotels, chalets and apartment rentals have their own swimming facilities, however, there are also public swimming areas available throughout the area.

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