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Explore Lanzarote’s Dramatic Subterranean World of Volcanic Caves

The volcanic activity which formed the island of Lanzarote and its stunning lunar landscape of hardened lava also left behind a network of dramatic caves. Today, cavers from around the world travel to this island to explore the dark, beautiful depths of its most dramatic caves.This is our guide to just a few of the most fascinating caves of Lanzarote, ripe for caving exploration.Cueva CovónSet on the west of the island just a short walk along a coastal track from the fishing village El Golfo, Cueva Covón is within the limits of the beautiful National Park. The entrance is hidden amongst sea cliffs and leads into a large roomy corridor that leads you deeper into the cave.Cavers will enjoy the narrowing of the passage which leads to an inner chamber with impressive gypsum deposits. The head level then lowers to a 30-metre sandy crawl before returning back the way you came.Cueva Los NaturalistaThe Cueva Los Naturalista is situated at Las Palomas between Masdache and La Vaguetta. This cave is popular with cavers because its two entrances mean that you don’t need to cover ground you have already been through; instead you travel the 1,640 metres of the cave from one entrance to the other.This is a popular cave for beginner cavers as there is no crawling, only a little clambering over some boulder collapses, and lots of comfortable walkways. The passage through the lava tunnels will give you numerous examples of fascinating lava formations, such as lava pillars and impressive lavatites.Cueva Los LagosAs the name suggests, this 791-metre cave contains two swimmable lakes which can prove a great adventure to those that like wet caving. Don’t be put off, however, if you prefer to stay dry. There are routes, at low tide, which avoid the water.Keen swimmers can swim the length of the second, larger, lake although the tide may affect head height once you pass through the low arch, so it’s advisable to only swim this part at low tide.Gentes to Puerta FalsaA popular cave, the tunnel from Gentes to Puerta Falsa even has its own visitors’ book which cavers can sign midway through the 1,165-metre length of the cave.Enter the cave at Jameo de la Gentes and travel down-flow through a main passage. There are several boulder collapses en route which are avoided by taking stooping tunnels and climbing through a hole in the floor.How to Get to LanzaroteThere are regular charter and scheduled flights to Lanzarote from most UK airports, all landing at Arrecife Airport (known locally as Guacimeta). Lanzarote airport transfers are the easiest way to get from the airport directly to hotels anywhere on the island. A transfer driver will meet you when you land and deliver you directly to the door of your accommodation.

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